Hello and thanks for stopping buy.
My name is Kerry Richee. If you decide to choose Kerry's
Custom Paint & Graphics for your custom painting needs, I
would like to personally thank you for doing so and also
assure you that your parts will be handled with the utmost
care. I strive to do the very best with each and every part I
paint . I do not cut corners nor do I rush jobs to keep up
with demand. I do not believe in pushing the material
beyond it's intended limits. That philosophy is a disaster
waiting to happen.
I paint bikes because i want to. Not because i have to. There
is a difference. I have a 7 to 3 regular job that feeds my
family. Painting bikes feeds my passion and desire to be
around bikes and help guys that do not have disposable
cash to purchase custom paint.

There are painters out there that will paint a bike for 500
bucks. I will not. My prices are very fair and most of the time
I do not make a penny in profit. I am basically working for
my labor. No mark up on parts, paint or other material. If I
pay 100 bucks a quart, so do you.
Unlike some painters, I actually care about the people I work
For me it is therapy to paint tins. It is relaxing until it
becomes a job. That is why I will never over book my
painting season which is from November through April.

After my painting season ends, I shut down and remove our
bikes from storage and ride.

So please look around the site and see if I can help you turn
your dream into a reality. I'm here to help, and it is never a
bother for you to call or send an email to ask questions.
Ride safe.

Kerry Richee